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Rural Rites by Charlie Pye-Smith

Rural  Rites by Charlie Pye-Smith

Hunting and the Politics of Prejudice by Charlie Pye-Smith with a foreword by Peter Oborne

Rural Rites provides a riveting account of the 2004 Hunting Act and its troubled history, arguing that the legislation was the result of an emotive class-war rather than a logical parliamentary debate. It shows that many politicians and animal rights organisations ignored and misused science to further their cause, creating an Act of Parliament that is illogical, unfair, difficult to enforce and detrimental to animal welfare in the countryside.

Rural Rites examines exactly what the Hunting Act does and doesn’t do through discussions with hunting people, animal welfare experts and politicians. It also provides a positive solution to this acrimonious issue – one which improves animal welfare and respects individual liberty.

This is an essential read for all who care about animal welfare, our freedoms and the way in which governments use (and abuse) power.

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